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Aquarius Sound & LightingAquarius Sound & Lighting
We have more than 20 years experience as the creative force in sound and lighting, supplying the entertainment industry in Ireland. Because of this vast experience, we can advise you on systems both small and large. We use the equipment we sell therefore, we can give you "real life" performance advise and because we service (in house) the equipment,we can give you realistic reliability reports.

In 2007 Business and Finance launched www.needavenue.ie the first Irish website dedicated to serving the needs of the Irish conferencing, meetings, exhibitions and events community. This independent website enables event planners and meeting organisers to research, identify and make contact with suitable venues in their preferred location with appropriate facilities. www.needavenue.ie empowers corporate event planners to search through venues based on their specific criteria and make direct contact with venue managers.

Netcore offer a range of IT services including
Bespoke software development for business management
Web site design and development
Database Solutions
Back-end support for e-commerce sites
Web site hosting and email

Martin is a producer and distributor of computer controlled lighting, also called "intelligent lighting", high technology luminaires utilized throughout all sectors of the entertainment industry. Martin also produces a complete line of Jem smoke machines as a complement to intelligent lighting. Other important areas of application include the growing market for indoor and outdoor architectural and promotional lighting. Martin offers both dedicated exterior luminaires and specialized lights for retail settings.

Welcome to eZiWeb.ie, the home of affordable content websites. At eZiweb, we provide flexible content website solutions, leaving you the control of what, when, and how the webpage is updated. The approach is very cost efficient, as the site does not require the constant support and intervention needed for classic HTML based web pages. The only skills needed to make changes to the webpage, is the ability to use a text editor like word. Feel free to browse the site, and look at our client's pages, and the templates we offer. Our websites are 'Full content websites', allowing you to update all published content, unlike many other content sites, where the content you can change is very limited.

Eugen Beyer, the founder of the company, developed dynamic headphones and microphones which proved to be a milestone in the development of the company beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG to an international audio specialist. Founded in 1924 in Berlin the beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG has today in Heilbronn a first-class leading role at the market in headphones, microphones and conference systems. With the high quality demand beyerdynamic develops and produces in Germany innovative solutions for constantly increasing clientele. Due to decades of experience and our commitment to continuous research and innovative developments, our microphones, headphones, wireless systems and conference systems enjoy a high reputation throughout the world. Our products are developed and particularly handcrafted in Heilbronn. So behind each individual product is a little passion and know-how for an excellent sound experience.

SLS AudioSLS Audio
Since the early 1970's we have been designing, manufacturing, installing and touring with some of the most innovative loudspeaker systems in the industry. For years our custom crafted cabinets have been used by some of the biggest names in the business. Now, through continuing development, our loudspeakers have evolved to the highest level of sonic engineering; the perfect union of craftsmanship and technology. Our loudspeakers reproduce any input source with an uncolored accuracy not possible by any others in their category. The secret of our success stems from the use of new Ribbon Driver Technology combined with our proprietary horn, woofer and cabinet designs. With the development of exotic new materials used in the manufacture of our drivers, extreme high outputs are achieved with a fidelity and clarity known only in world class audiophile speaker systems. The ultra-low distortion and extremely fast transient response of our high frequency drivers allows our speakers to produce accurate sound over a wider dynamic range. The result, unprecedented musical detail at high sound levels with much less listener ear fatigue.

Sennheiser IrelandSennheiser Ireland
Sennheiser Ireland was founded in 1991 to look after the domestic Irish marketplace, including Northern Ireland. Based in Dublin, the Irish office has been extremely successful in developing its market share for a broad portfolio of products. These products span a range of Consumer and Professional Headphones, Microphones, Aviation Headsets, Conferencing and Translation Systems.

Sennheiser products play a vital role in the work of many well-known Irish based companies and organisations - including, for example, Irish Aviation Authority for Air Traffic Control Headsets and Radio Telefis Eireann who make extensive use of professional headphones and microphones for both studio broadcasting and location work. Sennheiser Ireland has also provided microphones for major shows such as the Eurovision song contest.

Some of the well known Irish Artists currently using Sennheiser products include, The Frames, Bell X1, The Walls, Damien Rice and many more.

Roland IrelandRoland Ireland
Roland is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of electronic musical instruments.

With over 25 years of musical instrument development, Roland sets the standards in music technology for the world to follow. Check out your favourite bands' gear list, a Roland instrument will be there.

Roland Corporation has always taken a distinct interest in active and creative music markets, Ireland being no exception.

Roland Ireland is the sole appointed distributor for all Roland and Boss branded products in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The company was established in 1997 when the demand from Irish musicians and shops decided that the Irish market needed a direct and personal service.