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As and from the 1st May 2010, Limelight Entertainment Group have taken over the administration and management of this site from the guys at Entertainment4U Online. Thanks to the incredible efforts of Phil, Niall, Roman and crew Bands4U became an instant success and the Irish entartainment industry's leading portal for sourcing quality entertainment. Right now we are plannning the implementation of Phil's phase two plan. In the coming months you will see some really cool changes on Bands4U including a band's / musician's-only section which will include industry chatrooms and forums covering the following topics: Gear for Sale, Musicians Resource, a Genres Section in which musicians can discuss music in general, styles etc. We're planning to include a gigging advice section, a band-start-up area, a business and financial advice section for bands and an original music section. Also, customers in search of entertainment will be able to leave a post including their date, budget and event type online for bands to repond to. A public customer forum is also planned. This will assist greatly in bringing the customer and their band together in a very efficient manner.

Our new mission is to assist bands as best we possibly can to develop all areas of their business so that they can give up the day job so to speak. At Bands4U we now offer business advice services, photographic, recording services and brand / design services (including web-design) for bands and artists.


Some Information for Bands and Artists Considering Joining Bands4U

Harlequin, one of the top bands in the country, launched their act professionally on Bands4U on 21st January 2008. This was just the beginning but since then Harlequin have played over 300 weddings as a direct result of the initial business success generated via Bands4U. In the meantime Harlequin have become one of the busiest outfits in the industry. They adcredit this success to the amount of enquiries they received from Bands4U in the early part of 2008.

In Harlequin's own words "We'd been playing for a long time, meandering about a few weddings and a pub-residency. We just couldn't believe it when the phone started hopping. It wasn't really an informed decision at the time that made us advertise, we just got a lucky break - now there's no turning back. All of the band members are full-time musicians now - any player will tell you that is the dream..."

Bands4U will continue to be financed by an annual EUR250 membership fee, which is being kept deliberately low to attract up-and-coming bands to the service.

In terms of value Bands4U is the best in the business. In addition to generating business for established artists Bands4U has become an invaluable advertising tool for bands that are just beginning to market their offering. Now you can upload a page representing your band and pitch directly to customers seeking to book music. There's no point in advertising to the general public when you only need to advertise to a specific customer. At Bands4U we connect the customer with the band quicker than any other web-based portal.

In the past two years Bands4U have had an average of 817 unique visitors each day seeking entertainment of one kind or another. Many acts have reporting that they have got bookings as far ahead as November 2012, with calls coming from America, South Africa, Australia, Germany and the UK as well as from Ireland. Mile High, a relatively new band, have taken a three-date tour in Japan, and they don't even have a web-site.

Three new original Irish artists are launching their albums on Bands4U in 2010.

Here at bands4u, we have been involved (in one way or another) in the Irish Entertainment business for many years. We witnessed first hand, the devastating effect of the Hucklebuck, and even emerged clean-shaven from the bearded days of the trad revival.

What is Bands4U?
Bands4u is an online search and listing service for the Irish Entertainment industry.

For a fixed yearly fee, Entertainment Arcts and Artists can register with the website, enter their details and profiles into the database and then they are published on the website.

Potential clients such as those organising parties, weddings, corporate events etc can then search the database, looking for an act that matches their criteria. The customer then contacts the artist directly with enquiries or bookings. There is no fee to the customer for this service.

Member Feedback

"...I took sixty thousand euros of bookings in just over a month without advertising on any other website..."

"...over one third of our enquiries come directly from Bands4U. We use the back-end of our website to find where referrals are originaling and Bands4U is the top referring site. We ask all of our customers where they heard about the band. Most these days say Bands4U # it used to be word-of-mouth. I couldn't make a living on word-of-mouth..."

"...In October we had 677 hits on our website, approx 150 coming from Bands4u, in saying that many more might have taken the name and used a google search or manually typed our web address in...Keep up the great work, I'm getting great feedback on the bands4u site...".

"...Well I'm very happy with the site we had 4 enquires about weddings so far and I only joined on Saturday..."

"...Getting loads of enquiries & have take two defo weddings for next so, so far so good.....

"...Pretty good... 16 requests in one week.


Bands4u has a yearly subscription fee of 250 Euros, payable online. This is non-refundable fee, unless by special arrangement and the sole discretion of the management. If a band decides to remove their profile from the site before the 12 month subscription has expired, no refunds will be made. Bands4u does not warrant the performance of the website or the service, but makes all efforts to ensure the website has maximum up-time and is promoted satisfactorily. The following cards are accepted - Visa, Mastercard and Laser  

Delivery Policy

We will publish your band profile within 2 working days of the payment being received.

Bands4U is not responsible for the timely response to enquiries to any bands or dj listed; and in no way warrants the quality of any artist or act listed here. This includes liability for real or perceived sub-standard performance, lateness, no-shows or illness.